Zero One Studio – The Advantages of Using a studio

Zero One Studio is a TV Studio based in London. The Studio is located in the heart of Soho, 3mins walk from Piccadilly Circus Underground Station and 10min walk from Tottenham Court Road Underground Station. It’s a versatile space with courtyards, space for events or conferences, roof space, iMac room and a TV Studio with Green, Blue or Black screen with all the equipments that you’ll need for your production.


This guide will focus on the TV Studio mostly and its advantages.

A Tv Studio comes with a lot more of advantages than a field production, the costs, the equipments such as lights, sound, the Green Screen background in order for you to create the desired scenario and the time saved as a result.


For less than £300 you can have 4h in the studio (9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm), or, for affordable £500 you can rent it all day. Sometimes renting a location will cost you more than £5.000 and in cases where you need to shoot for days or weeks, it will be even more expensive. The advantage of shooting on location is that you´ll have the natural background, on studio it might take a while for the crew to build the scenario, but there will be no need for concerns with the weather conditions, or surroundings. Even if your crew builds only a part of the background, with the help of the green screen background, more details can always be added in post-production. And there will be no need to travel to some random country just to find the precise landscape, for example, not to mention that sometimes, that clean, sharp and vibrant look can only be achieved using the studio.

Advantages of using a TV studio

On location you need to be concerned with the sunlight or weather conditions but in a studio you don´t. You can use the amount of light that you need to achieve the look that you´re looking for. And in the studio you´ll find an ample source of electricity and generators to backup if you need a huge amount of lighting for a particular scene, as well as other equipment like reflectors or light gels to help you set the light-mood of the scene you want.

Another advantage is with recording sound. Recording in a studio is excellent because you’ll have no disturbance or unwanted noise. It’s a serene and quiet environment and, the studio has lots of different microphones and audio recording devices. Another advantage is the camera; sometimes on location you might have problems with the ilumination, whether it is night or day time, or any other disturbance like the wind but in the studio the camera control is way more flexible. There are multiple cameras and there is a gallery with switchers and controllers in order for you to have full control of everything.

There will be privacy in a studio, with no people disturbing your shooting.

Types of Studio Productions

The space is 8.7×6.5m and is acoustically treated, has controllable sound, lights, camera and green/blue or black screen. There is the use of gallery equipment including a Panasonic 400 HD vision mixer, as well as a make up space with mirror, technician support and security staff.

The dimensions of the space are perfect for a magazine show, music, shows, news programmes, advertisements of a product, shooting scenes for a film of differents genres and so on.


News Programs, Music Shows.

With the help of the Green, Blue or Black screen, the image of your show will be even more vibrant than setting up a real phisical space.

Examples of studio productions include:



News programmes

Music shows



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