Youth Culture

Proposal or Theme – My proposal is to make a series of three half-hour documentaries about Youth fashion, lifestyle and consumerism. The name of the series would be “Life Stuffs”.

Subject Matter – People tend to criticize what they don’t understand about life styles, fashion, relationships, consumerism and more. On those subjects, for example fashion people tend to criticize the price that the brands sell their products without knowing the cost of the production for example, tend to criticize the why someone dresses the way it dresses. Why they spend so much money on buying such expensive clothes, shoes or cars? In relationships talking about futebol players who usually date models, they tend to criticize the why of their choices, or tend to say that the females models are only with them for the money. In our daily lifestyle, we are hit by a culture of consumption, where the windows and the display of the stores are strategically thought to attract the large numbers of people into buying things, that sometimes are necessaries, others times not. In this program we’ll look into the fashion designers work, to know what inspires them, the hard work behind, the cost of the productions, we’ll talk with a lot of fashion lovers to know what drives them to follow the new tendencies and so on, we’ll also talk with people that seems to work so hard to call others people attention with the way they look, or who are they dating, if it’s important to them or is only something to keep the status…

Target audience – the show is aimed at young people, from 14 to 28, but it can be watched by all ages. At age of 13-15, is when teenagers begin to dream about their future, the person they’ll become or type of person that they want to be, the looks, the dream house, the dream car and so on. And it’s also when teenagers began to choose the appropriate group of person that they want to be surrounded by, and is at this age when everything begins, some just follow their hearts, and keep the path that, they learn in home with their families, others, change to fit in, on a certain type of group, they change the clothes they wear, gain new addictions, new hobbies and so on. At 18-20 is when the reality calls, and is not the emotions driving them anymore, is reason. Is when they began to be more responsible, gain more knowledge about how life works and start to have careful in choices and actions, is when some learn how to save more money, what is essential to have or buy, the propose of some things, who to date, what to wear and when, how to wear, is when conscience start to talk more loud than emotions. At 25 almost everybody knows who they are, what they like and the lifestyle they have. The propose of the documentary is to educate this audience, that not everything is what it seems and that sometimes they need to be aware of the choices they made to decide the path ahead.

Proposed Format – 30 minute-long series of Documentaries. All episodes will have this structure, exploration of the subject, interviews and lesson learned or conclusion.

Methods of Distribution:

  • TV Channel, possibly Channel 4
  • YouTube – Will serve as a platform for advertising, 3 or 4min trailers about the episode of the week, an overview of the subject and sometimes to advertise, and talk a little bit about the Model, Actor, and Designer that will be interviewed. Behind The Scenes sometimes, because sometimes is important for the fan service.
  • Facebook, Twitter – Will also serve as a platform for advertising propose, sometimes quiz games about the topics, and questionnaires on how to better the show.

Time of broadcast – Sunday at 9pm.

Legal Constraints – Although it will be after the watershed, it’s important that any language used will not cause any undue.

Marketing – The Best way to promote the show, would be trough social media, Facebook and Twitter, and also comercial on Channel 4.


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