Climate Change

The purpose of the assignment is to produce an animated film on the subject of Climate Change, to be used in spreading awareness in secondary schools. The target audience are 12-16 year olds.

I came out with a different script, the story of my animation is about a man who runs a group that is divided by 3 departments: Construction, Fashion and Furniture. And one day he realises that he has been causing enormous damage to nature, and he changes his business model in order to protect life.


Storyboard, Planning and Digitalising

Once I finished my script, it was time to begin sketching the storyboard. By reading the script, I realised that the animation would be a little bit longer than was proposed so I had to stylize my drawings to a cartoonish style in order to make it easy for me to animate.


At the same time as sketching I was also  thinking about the animation, what elements in the scene would be the first to be animated, how long it would be, etc


Once I finished the sketches and storyboards it was time to scan everything and to start painting. I’ve choose Illustrator to paint because I will use After Effects and Adobe Animate to animate, and because of the Dynamic Link between the software I can import Illustrator paths into After Effects or Adobe Animate and change the paths if I want to.


I also used Photoshop a lot. Photoshop is the Adobe software that I feel most comfortable with. There were some details that I needed photoshop for in order to achieve: the cover for the Worldwide Magazine for example



It took me time to paint the whole thing and while I was working on the animation sometimes I still needed to get back and add even more details, but it helped me improve.



The animation process was time consuming. It was the first time putting together so many different techniques into one project. It helped me improve the sense of organisation in After Effects because I had a lot of compostions so I had to organise the whole things into folders ( Scene_01_Shoot_02… ). It was also funny because I was feeling like a director. After Effects crashed a lot of times because the file was heavy and used a few effects in certain scenes, including Video Copilots Sure Target Preset and Trapcode Particular plugins for the last scene.

The whole animation was made in Adobe After Effects.



Final Project


I have good drawing skill, and I know my way in some software. I was looking into tutorials from and Cartoon Smart, but the courses they have the animation style is not really what I wanted. I wanted the Hand-Drawn animation look. I start reading The Animator’s Survival Kit from Richard Williams, and there’s a lot more to 2D animation than I thought. His instruction is fantastic, super detailed, but to master it it takes time so at the end I decided just to close the project as an animated storyboard or animatic.

I faced a couple of difficulties during this project. I didn’t listen to my teacher when she was telling me that I should do the animatics because there was a lot going on. I should’ve listened to her. If I had managed my time better, and made the project shorter, not overdo and get lost in the process, the result would be different.

For the next time I’ll read the brief more carefully for a better outcome.



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