Studio Based Production

For this assignment we needed to develop a studio program, as well as help  other colleagues on their production.

Film Review 2016

The first group came out with a Film Review Show. The program was about reviewing 2016 movies. My participation on this show was as the one being interviewed. I watched only 3 of the movies that was required, and most of the time that I watch movies it is always from a technical point of view because I use a lot of software and my goal is to work in a production company. History also matters but my attention is caught by the post-production and effects.

Here is a picture of the studio setup that we used for the Film Review show:


And here is the Final Product

Soho Tonight

This is my group’s show


Inspiration and Planing

First we were thinking about doing a Fashion Show, we have a lot of clothes  stores near by, and most of the time we’re amazed by the queues we saw everyday outside some stores, like the Supreme for instance. But… after 2 days of thinking about the show, nobody was that into that type of interview, and so it happened that  we were watching Late Night Show With Conan O’Brien, and afterwards another one similar to the show, and then… inspiration came up and we decided to do a similar Talk Show.

We planned on doing an interview with a actor, so we asked one of our colleagues if he could do it. Also he is an outgoing person, so we knew that he could do just fine for the role. We needed to develop a background for the actor, in order for the character look real, He was very helpful, because we needed to film scenes, photoshoot, reshoot, we really needed a person that could be available to work with us, and he was very pleased in doing so.

Here are a few pictures of our first day shooting a scene:

And here is a video of the second day

Post Production

With the necessary footage in our hands, it was time to do the rest. It was necessary to edit the scenes, put together the teaser, movie poster and also an intro for the show.

My colleague did the movie poster, Portraits of A Gangsta. We just needed a poster, as long as the poster shows that the movie is about some sort of crime,  any title or movie genre would do.

They allowed me to do the logo gesign, the intro and the teaser

Logo Design

For the logo design, I thought about what Soho is like at night, and Soho is beautiful, lights everywhere, so my idea was doing something with lights, like some Las Vegas marquees, something that popped up.

Seeking some inspirations, and also look into some of Soho’s buildings, I came up with this sketch


They liked it, so I open Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and work on it.


Intro and logo animation

Once the logo was completely painted, it was time to animate it. My favourite software for motion design is Adobe After Effects as it offers a wide set of tools for animation and effects. We also needed some footage of Soho, and it happens that we are in Soho, we are surrounded by a lots of production companies, and we wanted to capture some of the logos for our intro, and it needed to be filmed a night, so we did.


And for the animation, the logo is full of vibrant colours, so we needed an intro with rhythm. When I was working on it, I was thinking about Michael Jackson – his ‘Billie Jean’ song, and I just followed the beat for the beginning. For the second and last part, sometimes when I’m drawing I listen to cinematic songs, and I was thinking of a slow beat for the logo reveal at the end, but all this was only playing in my head. It was an animation to music because my intention was that the people could just feel something by just seeing the animation.

Here is a picture of me working on the animation on After Effects on my Mac:



For the teaser, we had Terminator in our heads so we filmed our colleague standing up, and just turning around and the rest we would put together in Post Production.


I have to confess that the final result of the intro, although I put effort into it, it didn’t come out that good, but… it was good enough for what we needed. I might work it on it later to make it look better.


The Day Of The Show

The awaited day.

We set up the studio, and came up with a list for for everyone to know what to do.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



And Here is the Final Product

Evaluation of the final show


Perhaps I should have contributed more with the studios set-ups, because during the whole 3 shows, I was mostly concerned on what iI had to do, on the task that I was assigned. In my group’s show it was the same, and the intro and the teaser that I’ve worked on. Next time I’ll put more effort in in order to produce better pieces, because if I had paid more attention to a few details, the final result could’ve been better.


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