Self Portrait

We’ve been tasked to research 4 Portrait Photographers.

There were a lot of photographers who inspired me, Annie Leibovitz, Albert Watson, Phil Borges, Jimmy Nelsson, but i´m going to zoom in the ones who i trully like it.

Lee Jeffries

I like his photographies because they seem to capture the soul of the person, and see trough their hopes, his well known for his photographies on homeless people



It´s as if you can just see their stories trough their eyes. The way he capture the image, this close up, and the way he edit, in a way to emphasy the people most deep emotion, hope, suffering, sorrow, is just magnificent


Edward S.Curtis

CURTIS-E.S. Curtis
He was a American photographer who´s works used to focus in Native American People.




He was also a documentary photographer, became quite famous due to his documentary In the Land of the Head Hunters, which was one of the first travelogue documentary film of the time.



I really like his artistic style, the sépia tone combined with portraits of the native americans just work wonderfully.


Self Portrait Assignment

I was inspired by Lee Jeffries Works, and it was something similar that i was seeking on my section. I wanted close-ups, to have a look on what my expression says about me, but i think i failed to deliver what i wanted


On the other one i wanted just random photos of an artist


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I used Photoshop to achieve the sepia tone that I like so much, sometimes I use a Soft Round Brush to light up a few areas of the image to give convey a certain feeling.



Perhaps I could play more with Photoshop using my photos, but, as I wasn’t that much prepared for the photoshoot, the rest of the assignment ended up suffering.




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