TV Adverts – a critical review and analysis

Advertising it’s a “medium” of communication used to promote or sell products and uses various methods with the help of media to reach the public, radio, television, newspapers, posters, etc. Advertising began to be used many years ago, beginning with (…) that used (…), later in (…) the other means (…) began to be used.


The first TV ad was produced on 1941 by Bulvova Watch Co. and was about (…). It was an advert with structure of (…) and was produced in the form of (…) and had a big impact on society. And to this day it has evolved. From the years (…) to now that advertising is everywhere, posters, newspapers, outlets, Video displays, shop windows, TV, TV program intervals, most websites, social networks and even Applications.
TV advert it’s a planned strategy to make a message reach the public, usually a company that wants to sell or promote a product and hires a company or agency with media production services, and then pays the TV for a slot of a maximum of 40 Seconds, within the available daily period, and depending on the target audience, the Advert is presented on Television.
During the planning process, various details, the type of message, the target audience, the length of time and the style of production of the advertisement are evaluated.


Type of message

As the name indicates the type of message of an advert, is a persuasive way that the seller arranges to sell his product or to make known the positive point of the product. And the message type varies between:



self esteem

Advantage over other products


Narrative Structure

Narrative Structure is the way the media arranges to better convey the message. Basically is the way the story of the advert can be told, either on a humorous way or in a horror or dramatic way



Humor as the name employs, the purpose is to make the audience laugh.


On this advert, they make use of horror genre to convey a message in a more shocking way. This advert is about smarthphone promotions, and the promotions is so good that if the costumer miss out the opportunity will remember for the rest of his life


Animation is often used on tv advert, the term animation means a combination of 2D or 3D element on video to create scenes or impossible worlds.
On the advert bellow, Continente is a Portuguese hypermarket and uses their mascot, Popota which is a female hippopotamus, to promote their christmas collection.


Audience consideration and measurement

Audience measurement is the way broadcasters identify how many people are watching a certain programme, their relevant age, their occupation and schedules, by looking at demographs that represent the selected region.

Programm Profile

Broadcast Audience Research Board (BARB), is the uk source which television viewing is researched. The company develop ways of measure what audience is watching at their home.




The media also uses the The Standard Occupational Classification system, to define their targets. this allows the media to to market products directly to each specific social class depending on their media consumption.

class chart


Audience Measurement

Some audience measurement methods are:

Face-to-face interview

focus Groups





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