Task 2

On this assignment we we’re tasked to tell a storie with photos.

I still don’t know the story that i want to tell, i’ll take a walk tomorrow and take a number of photos to see if i can came up with an ideia.

At first i was very inspired by the pictures i was seen on this article.

A picture can really tell 1.000 words, and those photos don´t necessary need a discription, the photos itself tell the story, for example the brutal picture of the african man with the scar on his face, it can say that he´s been to a brutal treatment, or perhaps consequenses of an explosion. The who looks desperate for something at the right side, and the child runing happy towards the photographer inside of the car ( if i can say ).

If i could just capture still images like those and use on this assignment it would be a winner… but sadly it cannot be told like that.



I decided to express my daily routine in London.

While studying and working full-time, i have almost no time for me, but is a choice i made because i want to learn a new subject. Life is made about choices and although i’m not “enjoying” life at the moment, the time i spending investing on my education now, it will be worth it when i finish my degree.


Monday – Day Off

I usually rest on monday, because i work from Wednesday to Sunday, and sometimes i have to do double shifts on the weekend, resulting monday being the day i need to rest.


i also use monday to update my blog, keep my assignments up to date, and some projects of my own. if not too tired, i exercise as well.

( 2 or 3 PHOTOS )


Tuesday – Day Off

I start my day on Tuesday with exercise, usually from 6-7.30am or from 8-9.30am, it’s also the day that i go out and do something to catch air. Usually i go to museums, or take a walk in London, there’s so much to know about this city, i try my best to explore.










Wednesday to Friday – Classes and Work


Wednesday to Friday i have classes and go to work after.














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