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I decided to move to London because in Portugal i couldn’t find a real job opportunity in my area, i was working as Graphic Designer Freelancer for 4 years, and the people that i was working for, they didn’t really value my work, and also they didn’t truly allowed me to be creative. I’ve been 2 times in London for holidays and what i saw is that the opportunities in my area are endless, so i came here basically pursuing a “dream”. I never let the people around me influence me on a negative way, but lately, i’ve been meeting a lot foreigns in London that just want to give up on wherever reason that brought them here. Everybody has different ways to see things, but in my point of view if you decide to leave your country looking for a better future, and if you move to a country that offers a lot of opportunities, going back to your country empty handed, is give up without a fight. I’ve always felt that there’s more to life than having a regular job, family and that’s it, we all going to die, but while you’re alive, do the best for you to have a joyful life in every ways. Pursue your passions, your goals, your interests and dreams, some people look at these things as not meaningful because “what matters is love”, but those are thing that makes you love yourself and not fall into deep depression seeking for Love.

I decided to do a Documentary about Success and Happiness, because always that i meet a person that want to go back to their country because they miss their friends and family or they feel like they’re here in London just to work and no fun, I try to change their minds with the true questions. What brought them here? You say you came here looking for a better future but you just want to party and be surrounded by people that want the same; you said you tired and you don’t like the place you’re working but you also don’t look for another job… etc.

So my target audience is this group of people, but… it can be for anyone else.





I had with a lot of people from different backgrounds and hear their opinion on Success, Happiness, luck and more subjects that might came up throughout the conversations. I’ve spoke with my colleagues of work, with my managers, with a lot of people from different stores on the Shopping Centre where i work.

There were days there i just go out with my camera and walk trough different areas of london to film and interview even more people, barbers, designers, street dancers, sometimes people on the train or underground that i just start a conversation with them about it, and it is an interesting subject so sometimes it was easy to start a conversation.

I’ve also interview my lectures who have been teaching for years now. I enjoyed quiet a lot having the long conversation with both of them, i recorded on my smartphone but sadly, it fell on the water and i lost the audio file.




Secondary Research







As secondary research i watched documentaries about the subject, also research on well known artists, entrepreneurs and actors, because, society tend to look at figures of power and celebrities as inspiration because their lives seem “perfect”, and it was important to do a research on some cases and see how they made it to the so call Success and Happiness, and on some cases their stories are indeed powerful.

Jack Ma and Arnold Schwarzenegger i like their stories and i admire them a lot actually.

And i’ve also watched even more documentary films and interviews of a lot of people that helped me to put together a script.


Format, Genre and Style


After all the information i’ve gather, it was time for me to decide the style of my documentary.






I decided to do my documentary on Poetic Mode.
I’ve wrote a 10 pages script, and it was too long, both my lecture and my course leader read it, it was good, but it was way too long.



So I was researching and I stumble upon Poetic Documentary Mode, I watch a couple videos to have an idea of how is structured, how they tell the story on this mode, the visuals and sound, and I think it may be a good option for me to convey my message.



I want to tell to the audience that, success and happiness is a road that is made together, happiness is the mother of the family tree of emotions, success are achievements, and on the road to success the person feel everything, from deep sadness to overflowing joy once accomplished the target task.


Structure and Mode

Poetic Mode is a documentary style were visuals and sound tell the story, my subject is Success and Happiness, and I’m thinking about film people doing different things, Working, exercising, playing sports, dating, eating, hang-out, night life, also emotions that convey happiness, sadness, depressions, joy (…). A lot of emotions and behaviours basically. I also will film animals and machines like cars, airplanes and so on. And I’ll put everything together mixed with a little bit of graphics that will describe those emotions in a colourful and abstractive way.








With all the material I already have, I will use a couple footage that I already hold, and I will goo out to record a couple more.






Graphic Planing

I’ll need to use the 3D Stroke plugin from Red Giant or Plexus 2.0 to represent some symbols on my video, the part where i’ll be talking about what happiness means, i want to use 3D Stroke and then use some Kaleidoscopic style to create an abstract universe were i’ll be using different colours to change the mood in order to to achieve a tone that combines with the emotion that i will describe.




Now i need the voice over and the background music, i was trying to do a earth zoom in effect, but i couldn´t instal Google earth.





The documentary is done but it needs work, a bit of adjustment on the voice over, also the audio levels are a bit high in some points. I also think that I’ve fail to deliver the message is wanted, I needed a bit more footage and interviews.

I like the video, was my first time thinking a bit out of my box and as always using After Effects to create all graphics, it crashed around 3 times throughout this project but I had a lot of fun.



In the Land of the Head Hunters


This Much Is True – James Quinn

Directing The Documentary – Michael Rabiger

Imagining Reality – Mark Cousins & Kevin Macdonald


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