TV Advert

For this assignment, we were tasked to produce a TV Advert, having in mind the narrative, the style, the aspect ratio.


I started my assignment alone, because all other groups were full, and my lecture also thought that I could do it alone so, he allowed me.

I work on a Nandos Restaurant, so I thought I could do an advert about Nandos.



First thing I did was researching on existing Nandos Adverts or any other type of commercial propaganda they have made so far.





one in particular really caught my eye, it was a direct response to Donald Trump politics. But for my TV advert I didn’t wanted to do something like that because it could be very ambitious and I wouldn’t have time to conclude it by the deadline.


The Big Help.


Working in Nandos made be already familiar with the graphic style of the company and also what working in Nandos feels like, although the pressured environment it is a energetic, vibrant and filled with good humor Working place. A colleague of mine later joined my group and he provided me with a phenomenal research about the company that can be found on his blog.


After the research and brainstorm with my colleague we came up with an ideia to promote Nandos meal to athletes, although Nandos has a lot of calories filled meal, Nandos also has a lot a meals filled with fiber and proteins, just the chicken itself is filled with proteins, and a lot of times while I’m working, I keep seen athletes going there for our salads, butterfly breast or sweet potato wedges, so I thought it could be a good idea to promote that.

Here’s the storyboard that we came up with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I asked a friend of mine if he could help me on the assignment, he’s been going to gym since he was 17 years old, therefore he has a good muscular body and someone with that physic it was what I needed.




We will be shooting the main part of the film on EasyGym which is located in Oxford Circus.


Set Construction

We will consider moving some pieces of Gym furniture and equipment if when necessary for the shot, apart from that there is no special set construction necessary for the shoot.

Equipment required

We will be using DSLR Camera with a Tripod and a Sound Recorder with a Shotgun Microphone and headphones for the main shoot in the Gym.


There will be quite a few expenses involved in the shoot, these include; £10 charge to film in the Gym for the day, food costs for ourselves, I have reserved £30.


We have asked permissions from EasyGym to film on the day, they have agreed but only if we pay the 1 day of gym membership cost.

Also, we will ask Eric in 01ZeroOne Studios to allow us to borrow the equipment needed to film.

I´ve asked permission on my manager and Nandos Regional Marketing Manager to produce the advert, and they allowed


We filmed for 3 days all the necessary shoots.




In one of the shoots i would have an explosion of Nandos graphics elements, such as salses, Peri Peri, leafs, tomato’s and so on, so I needed to create those graphics In Adobe illustrator, I had reference from Nandos menus, and a bottle of Medium Peri salse from the restaurant that I had to render using illustrator 3D capabilities.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



I also had to draw the logo from a image reference because I was a little bit afraid of asking for the original one on my manager, due all the stress he already faces on the Store, I didn’t want to disturb him with this “small” detail that I can easily corner.



I also had to remove the noise from the footage, because I shoot in a small resolution with the ISO on a high number, therefore the footage had a lot of noise and grain. At the same time I adjust the tone to have a more a cinematic look to the advert.

Latest was the sound.

Nandos is a Afro-portuguese restaurant, so I needed a African music mostly because is the type of music that plays mostly In the restaurant, and also the graphic and colors are all related to a tropical country so… I choose an African music.






Self Evaluation

The final product it seems more like a draft, because it needs work, more dialogue and impact sounds, the hearth at the end could also be animated, it’s small detail but it would make a difference.

Being brutal honest I like the final result, is humorous and look slick and professional, but this particular concept, I’m not very happy with because it was a easy pick, easy to produce, the graphics I had no difficulties with it, but I had to blame me because I only start to think creatively on the 2nd term of the course, and it was only in my documentary that, for me, I thought for the first time “Out of the box”.
But I have to thank my tutor for the great feedbacks that he’s been given me that are helping me a lot to push myself to reach my full potential.


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